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COMM 151
Bill Cooper

March 1 st Topic: Innovation Ropes #37 “The Pearl” -arguing about making the plant focus on automation, expensive but other companies will beat them to it. -decide to go with it, the whole line is run under automation -people are more likely to see failure than the possibility of success. Its important in a company to have someone (like Ted) who is a mover, shaker, irritant who starts these motions against other peoples beliefs because of the small possibility of success called the “pearl theory” however it doesn’t always lead to success. Ropes #38 “Most Valuable Player” -Ted’s decision puts the company ahead of others, but the plant will be semi automated as the decision was too big to handle. Ted is moved because he it too valuable. He has the ability to get people to take risks, get people moving Creation Myth -Steve Jobs took advantage of the opportunity he saw in Xerox’s technology when they did not capitalize on it -Jobs was inspired by the mouse, and experiment until he was able to create one for extremely cheap yet it was durable, he evolved the concept into something small and convenient. Invented menu bars, pulling screens -US was first to invent command and control communications for the military, they took an idea from the Soviets that they had not capitalized on. -Visionaries are often limited by their visions. They come up with things but do not commercialize. They did not see the opportunity to bring to the consumer market. -Xerox did not foster creativity, man was discouraged to create a laser printer, they believed it was not in their domain. -managing creativity is difficult since the more ideas comes with the fact that this person also has more bad ideas as well as good. From Freak to Chic -deviance is the ultimate source of new ideas and products. Not every deviant idea will be accepted however deviance is how we got to be where we are today. The best corporations are a result of deviance -Deviant ideas are marketable, build audience, commercial potential, market size, media coverage and then social acceptance -always looking for whats new, hip, cool.. -at first just burns bright in the devox mind/imagination, then it gains followers slowly, the people who are in the know and into hipness, get media coverage and it turns into commercial viability, yesterdays freak is tomorrows chic, when it is supported by few trendy people it catches on, it spreads like wild fire, the tipping point the buzz, then becomes mainstream Alpha waves – Condition Blue -Man somehow comes up with the idea for masking tape, seems out of the blue. Regardless of failures and being discouraged by boss he continues to
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