COMM 190 Chapter Notes -Project Management Body Of Knowledge, Information Technology Management, Project Management

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Published on 5 Feb 2013
Chapter 10: IS Management
IT Service basic activities:
1. IT OPERATIONS: Maintaining the current IT infrastructure
- Report to CIO and MIS Director
- Provide IT Services to support business units in organization
- Manage and protect the IT, Data Resource and System Applications (CIO responsible
in large corporations)
o IT capacity needs to be suitable for company
o Threat to data arise from 3 sources:
Human error
Malicious human activity
Natural events and disasters
o Managing service licensing agreements (SLAs)
2. IT PROJECTS: Renewing, updating and adapting the infrastructure to keep IT working
effectively in the future
- Change Business Process
- Change Info System
- Change Info Tech
- Project management body of knowledge (PMBOK)
- IT makes recommendations, final decision made by business part of the organization
Cost-benefit Analysis
- Tangible benefits: dollar value can be computed
- Intangible benefits: impossible to computer a dollar value
Consider: relative competitive advantage created, compatibility, complexity, trialability and
- Diffusion of Innovation: innovation is communicated through certain channels over
time among the members of a social system
- Control of content, look and feel marketing
- Technical responsibilities IT
- Web design project:
o Project manager
o Leader designer/analyst: understand client needs and delveoping the overall
look and feel of the site and all the design elements
o Developer: taking the design and creating the functional site
o Technical architect
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