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Chapter 11

COMM 190 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Outsourcing

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COMM 190
Mosey Nicholas J

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Chapter 11: Structure, Governance, and Ethics
How it the IT Department Organized?
The department of people in an org who provide technical support are called IT services
o These people must be managed just like any other department
The Chief Information Officer is the principle manager of the IT department
The Chief Technology Officer is the head of the technology group sort through new
ideas and products to identify those that are most relevant to the org
Operations manages the computing infrastructure including individual computers,
computer centres, networks, and communications media
Development manages projects that acquire new information systems as well as maintains
existing info systems
Business Analysts or Systems Analysts are people who work with users, operations and
vendors to acquire and install licensed software and to set up the system components
around that software
Outsourcing Relations exists in orgs that have negotiated outsources agreement with
other companies to provide equipment, applications, or other services
The purpose of Data Administration is to protect data and information assets by
establishing data standards and data management practices and policies
What about the Web?
Control of the content and the look and feel of the website is controlled by the marketing
department while IT maintains the technical responsibilities
o It can take a lot of hardworking people to create a great website because so many
different skills are required putting together is not easy