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Chapter 5

Chapter 5a

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COMM 190
Mosey Nicholas J

Chapter 5a: Database Design How are Database Application Systems Developed 1. Developers interview users and create requirements for the new system a. Developers analyze existing forms, reports, queries, and other activities 2. Requirements are then summarized in a data model which is a logical representation of the structure of the data  similar to a blueprint for architects 3. Once users have validated & approved, the data model transforms into a database design 4. The design is implemented in a database and is then filled with user data  done!  Note that users have an important role in the process, so it is important for us as users to know how the development works and what a database is  Ideally a database has just enough of the right information  which is why users are imp. What are the Components of the Entity-Relationship Data Model?  This is a model in which developers the content of the database by defining the thing (entities) that will be stored in the database and the relationships among those entities Entities  An entity is something that users want to track  ex. Order, customer, item, etc.  Entities have attributes that describe the characteristics of the entity  ex. OrderNumb
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