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Chapter 2-12

ECON 243 Chapter 2-12: Econ 243 Various Article Reading Notes

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ECON 243
Ugurham Gazi Berkok

Econ 243 All Article Readings Picard on User Fees: • Certain provinces cracking down on excessive fees from doctors, others allowing fees to be paid to skip lines such as for an MRI in Saskatchewan (2 for 1) • This user fee debate has been ongoing and complex • The answer to what is covered under public funding and what is not is unclear • Under the Canada Health Act no user fees are permitted for medically necessary health services (vaguely described as hospital and physician services) An Insurers Worst Nightmare: • Insurance may make people more accident prone • Insurance pools risk, charging a premium based on the risk of the pool • Customers who have the largest incentives to buy insurance are usually the worst risk for insurers • Moral hazard is taking greater risk because you are insured • To fend off some moral hazard i
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