FILM 110 Chapter Notes -Melodrama, Consumerism

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23 Nov 2012
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Week 1 Activity Questions
Cherry Fung
September 21, 2012
Tutorial #010 Robyn Lew
1. The appeal of this repetition is basically the viewer’s expectations of a film. If it wasn’t
repetitive, the audience would not want to watch a particular movie because they would not know
what to expect. The viewer generally enjoys repetition of a specific genre based on what is
interesting to them and their taste in films. An example is Harry Potter. Each sequel involves similar
iconography, plots and themes as the previous ones, yet people have watched all seven movies
multiple times because of the large mass appeal and interest in this particular genre occurring
within the movie. Another example would be that the viewer enjoys certain actors and how they
may act in a certain range of genre. The viewer may be drawn to another film of the same genre
because of how they felt when they watched the previous movie with the same genre.
I believe that people are drawn back to watch the same types of films, such as comedy,
is because the movie has touched their emotions, and thus they enjoyed the film in that specific
genre. Hollywood attempts to create movies that touch more than one type of emotion, obtaining
the largest amount of consumerism possible due to the larger range of consumers and pleasing
more personalities.
2. I believe that “Brokeback Mountain” is technically more melodrama than Western. The
only times where it seemed Western was the actors’ clothes, and how they referred to each other
as cowboys. The film was melodrama because there were more emotions involved and more
dramatic scenes that interfered with the character’s relationships. There is also a lot of dialogue
between Ennis and Jack, and they usually talk about family issues and problems at home. Most of
the time, the background music that we hear is not Western either. There were also many scenes in
the movie where it was not Western-like. One of the scenes was when Jack had troubles riding the
horse. You would never see that happen in a western film. In traditional western movies, we often
see people battling for their land. However, in Brokeback Mountain, they are battling for their
emotions for each other. I believe that melodrama is the better fit for Brokeback Mountain, simply
because it fits into the sub genres of family, social and physical melodramas.