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Lesson 6: Books

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Sidney Eve Matrix

Lesson 6 Books The Birth of Publishing in the USThe Whole Booke of Psalms The Bay Psalm Book sty 1 colonial book by Stephen Daye in 1630sBooks imported from Britain by Franklin in 1744 Richardsons novels connected the newly emerging and literate middle classes especially women who were just starting to gain a social identity as individualsAlso depicted women triumphing over tragedy st Credited as one of the 1 popular writers to take the domestic life of women seriouslyDemand grew by 1830s machinemade papers cloth covers paperback books with cheaper paper covers helped to bring cost down to make books more accessible to the massesEven cheaper books Dime novelssold for 510centsBy 1885 13 of all books published in US were popular paperbacks and dime novelspulp fictiona reference to cheap machinemade pulp paper they were printed onPrinting process became quickermore mechanized y Introduction of linotype machinestype mechanically using a typewriterstyle keyboard y Steampowered and highspeed rotary presses y Development of lithographyallowed books to be printed from photographic plates Formation of Publishing HousesFormation of the early prestigious publishing houses companies that tried to identify and produce the works of good writersBetween 1880 and 1920 the center of social and economic life changed from rural farm production to an industrialized urban culture demand for books grewBook industry also helped assimilate Euro immigrants to Eng language and American cultureHowever profit went down due to 2 world wars and the Great Depression radio and magazines fared betterIndustry bounced back after WW2 Types of Books 1 Trade Books 1 total y Hardbound and paperback books aimed at general readers and sold at commercial retail outlets y Industry typesAdult trade 1Hardboundpaperback fictionCurrent nonfiction and biographiesLiterary classics books on hobbies art travelPopular science technology computer publicationsSelfhelp bookscookbooksJuvenile trade2Preschool picture books to young adult books eg Dr Seuss books Lemony Snicket series Fear Street series Harry Potter seriesComicsgraphic novels2 Professional Books
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