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Lesson 2 textbook notes

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Queen's University
Film and Media
FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

LESSON 2 Public opinion researchcitizen surveys measure public attitudesInsights into citizen behavior and social differences esp during elections or major national eventsDownsidei journals rely too much on these poles esp on political insights and many ppl dont vote because they have seen the poles and they think they wouldnt make much difference ii public is just passively responding to surveys that mainly measure opinions on topics of interest to business government academics and mainstream news media iii pervasive use of unreliable pseudopolls callinonline or personinthestreetpolls that news media use to address a question of the day Social psychology studies measure the behavior and cognition of individualsmost influential Payne Fund Studies encompassed a series of 13 research projects conducted by social psychologists between 19291932 y response to a growing national concern about the effects of motion pics which had become a particularly popular pastime for young people y linked frequent movie attendance to juvenile delinquencypromiscuityother antisocial behaviours y argued movies took emotional possession of young filmgoers y contributed to establishment of the film industrys production code Marketing researchdeveloped when advertisers and p
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