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Film and Media
FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

FILM 240 Week 1 Readings - Culture: the ways in which people live and represent themselves at particular historical times o Encompasses fashion, sport, literature, architecture, education, religion, science, and mass media o Always changing o The symbols of expression that individuals, groups, and societies use to make sense of daily life and to articulate their values - Communication: the creation and use of symbol systems that convey information and meaning - Culture is made up of both the products that a society fashions and the processes that forge those products and reflect a culture’s diverse values - Process that delivers the values of a society through products or other meaning-making forms - Provides shared and contested values - Mass media helps circulate those values - Mass media are cultural industries that produce and distribute services/products to large numbers of people - Mass communication: the process of designing cultural messages and stories and delivering them to large and diverse audiences through media channels Media Coverage in the Digital Era - Media convergence: o Changes currently occurring in media content and within media companies o 2 definitions:  Merging of content across different media channels  Cross platform business model that involves consolidating carious media holdings  More choice, better manage resources, and maximize profits - Development of mass media is initiated by social, cultural, political, and economic circumstances - Media innovations go through three stages: o Novelty/development (solve a problem) o Entrepreneurial (determine a practical and marketable use for the new device) o Mass medium (market as a consumer product) - 2 influential models: o Linear process of producing and delivering messages to large audiences  Senders (ie. producer) send a message via a mass media channel (ie. TV) to receivers (ie. audience)  Gatekeepers are message filters (ie. executive network producers)  Problem: messages don’t move smoothly from A to B o Cultural Model (individuals bring diverse meanings to messages)  Audiences actively affirm, interpret, refashion, or reject the messages  Consumers shape media messages to fit or support their own opinion  Selective exposure: seek messages that correspond to their own cultural beliefs, values, and interests Stories - Shape society’s perceptions and attitudes - Media institutions are in the narrative business (put events in context) - Common denominator between entertainment and information cultures is narrative Cultural Landscape - 2 metaphors: o Skyscraper (culture as a hierarchy)  Superior (high culture) products at top, inferior (low culture) at bottom  Hamlet on top, Real Housewives on the bottom  Areas of concern with this model: inability to appreciate fine art, tendency to exploit high culture (ie. Frankenstein the Munsters), “throw away ethic” (short life span… higher quality
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