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Chapter 4

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French Studies
FREN 320
Normand Perreault

Pols241 week 4 readings Chapter 4 in textbook (Military Politics in three polity areas: Civil society, political society and the state.  3 most important arenas of the polity o 1) civil society  Arena where manifold social movements and civic organizations from all classes (Lawyers, trade unions etc) attempt to constitute themselves in an ensemble of arrangements so that they can express themselves and advance their interests. o 2) Political society  The arena in which the polity arranges itself for political contestation to gain control over public power and the state apparatus.  A full democratic transition must involve political society and consolidation of a democratic polity must involve serious thought about the core institutions of a democratic political society (i.e political parties, elections, electoral rules etc) through which civil society can constitute itself politically and monitor democratic government. o 3) the state  More than government  The continuous administrative, legal, bureaucratic and coercive system that attempts to manage the state and to structure the relationship between civil and public power and to structure many crucial relationships between civil and political society.  Totalitarian polity  The state eliminates any significant autonomy in political or civil society.  Strong authoritarian state  Political society is frequently absorbed by dominant groups into the state, but civil society characteristically has at least some degree of autonomy in certain spheres.  Democratizing period in Brazil (1974-1985) o Popular topics of social science concerned new movements within civil society that present challenges to the authoritarian state, such as the church, the new unionism, new entrepreneurs, the press, women’s groups ect. o Civil society became the political celebrity of the Abertura.  The phrase has to tactical advantages  1) Because it was explicitly meant to entail opposition to the regime that regime found it difficult to appropriate the meaning to its own advantage.  2) cre
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