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Philosophy of Place

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Anne M C Godlewska

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A TASTE OF MADELEINE: NOTES TOWARDS A PHILOSOPHY OF PLACE – Jeff Malpas A la recherche: study of the way in which certain experiences, and the events, objects and persons with which such experiences are connected, relate and inter-relate with one another - Experience of the madeleine is one of time lost and found again - A past dimension to experience that belongs with the present - One which difference and identity can come from - Le passé retrouvé - Involuntary memory - Man occupies in Time a place not restricted by a space; one that is boundless and can reach back in to the years - Places have individuality (Proustian idea) - A la recherce du temps perdu : Proust treats human life as largely made up through and around palces - Life is understood only through the remembrance and reconstitution of past places in the present - In the madeleine story – not only landscape brought back by the cake and tea but a recovery of himself through the recovery of loved places - Topanalysis: psychological study of the sites of our intimate lives - Self and mind can be found in places in which we dwell - Ex: room may represent a safe refuge/a place of imprisonment - Sense of place is often used to indicate self-identity or self-definition o But people are not just identified by reference but constituted in terms of place - Travelling is reconstituting yourself in terms of new places and carrying old places with us - Proust reveals places through movement between places and juxtaposition
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