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Experience and Still Struggling

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Queen's University
Gender Studies
GNDS 120
J.Scott Matthews

Experience -when a subject interacts with material, economic, and interpersonal realities and transforms them into subjective experiences, interpreting and creating themselves in the process -Relational- occurs through the interactions with others, objects, or activities -impacts the body -learn from them -it’s not universal-> different people experience things differently -positionality-> how we process experience depends on the situation -experiences are personal-> cannot use someone else’s experiences Material Conditions -includes everything in our environment related to our physical wants, interests, and comforts -interacts with it and incorporates them into our experiences -our ideas arise from it Lived Experience -experiences we are conscious about -gather significance when we remove them -Lived Experience of Oppression- used to describe the first-hand accounts and impressions of living as a member of the oppressed group Stories of Experience -stories used to express and negotiate experience -we gain significance through storying -experiences gather significance when we assign meaning to them through the process of remembering them Embodiment -mind-body binary-> men associated with mind and females associated with body -contemporary feminist’s theory replaces mind-body binary with it -self is understood as situated by the body and shapes your experiences Standpoint Theory -develops a feminist understanding of how experiences shape what we know -our knowledge and perception is always produced from someone else’s opinion -partial views can be valuable -provides insight into the power relations -> men and women have different experiences Consent-informed -constant -equal power in both individuals -can be revoked -must be an absolute yes Still Struggling -equality means being the same in everything, but men and women are not
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