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Gender Studies
GNDS 120
J.Scott Matthews

Sexualities Homophobia-central to masculinity-> sexual dominance -fear of gender-role deviance -roots in the way men and women are socialized in society -LGBTQ communities perceived as threats to concepts of traditional families Adrienne Rich-heterosexuality is forced on women -Lesbianism-profoundly female experience and a source of energy and power for all women -sexual, emotional, relational, and loving experience between all women -Lesbian existence- breaks the taboo and the rejection of a compulsory way of life Michael Kimmel-homophobia is a central organizing principle of definitions of manhood in most cultures -misogyny and homophobia are practices that help form male identity -men are taught to put down the ‘other’ -role of fear in regulating masculinity -homosexual/heterosexual binary Essentialist-identities come from an essence and that it pre-exists social formations -beliefs are shaped by language Constructionist- sexuality is a human product based on social life and institutions -sexuality is not private, it’s public, for example, who’s going to marry who? Christine Overall-heterosexuality is a norm that causes anxiety to keep it that way, can see from
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