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Chapter 1

HLTH 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Epigenetics, Human Genome Project, Reaction Coordinate

Health Studies
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HLTH 101
Elaine Power

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Chapter 1 Reading Notes 2015-10-13 7:44:00 AM
Chapter Intro:
Cellular Level
Healthy cells talked about at a sub-individual level
Might identify satisfactory levels of available oxygen and glucose
amongst other things
Individual level
Being healthy might focus on vigorous exercise, a diet rich in fruits
and vegetables, and regular use of seatbelts in cars and bike
helmets while cycling
Population Level
Effective regulation ensuring the safety of food and water, effective
public services, and environmental protection
When we discuss the health of a person, we are talking about relevant
health factors at the level of the individual
Includes: age, sex, genetic inheritance, and the risk factors arising
from the person’s behaviour and environment
“income” operates at two levels at once: individuals and nations
comprised of individuals
GDP is rather an adding up (aggregation) of many individual incomes
Concept of income distribution is inherently comparative and relative
Collective variables characterize a whole,, not parts
Security, the absence of threats, is a place or contextual variable, not a
personal one.
When we try to determine what affects human health, we shouldn’t mix
up collective variables (population and place attributes) with individual
Individual-Level Analysis of Health and Disease
Risk factor model: the individual-level model of health and disease
Two variants based on the risk factor analysis: biomedical variant
and behavioural variant
Biomedical Variant: Focuses on the interaction of host and agent
Behavioural Variant: Emphasizes health behaviour (lifestyle factors)
Assumes upon knowing about individual characteristics, we will
understand the host’s susceptibility to disease and his or her
resilience to the risks they are exposed to
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