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Chapter Ch 2. Population Health

HLTH 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter Ch 2. Population Health: Reaction Coordinate, Epigenetics, Rudolf Virchow

Health Studies
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HLTH 101
Elaine Power
Ch 2. Population Health

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HLTH 101 Notes from reading - Ch 2. Population Health
Davidson textbook: Chapter 1
Why is it important not to confuse individual variables and collective
They apply to different things. Some variables like, age, sex and
genetic inheritance are individual whereas the safety of ones
neighbourhood does not necessarily apply to an indiv but a
collective community.
There are some variable that can apply on both levels like
income where it can refer to an individual or a
population/communities average income.
(GDP) Gross domestic product a measure of an entire countries
What are the two main risk factor models of health and disease? what
are the shortcomings of the risk factor models?
Biomedical Variant version of the risk factor model that
emphasizes agent and biological factors as key determinants of
o Shortcomings; There are problems w/ specifying
susceptibility or resilience based on host characteristics of
age, sex, and genetics.
Age life expectancy is drastically different due to
susceptibility and resilience being factors of the
environment so age is not a great predictor of health.
Sex Biological sex is a spectrum to begin with as
well as sex is confounded with gender and the roles a
person adopts which can be drastically different in
predicting ones health.
Genetics the initial set of genes to which were are
born change and “mutate” based on our environment
and thus can not be a straight predictor of health.
Epigenetics: Diff gene expression that arise from factors other than
changes in the underlying DNA sequence; the attempt to answer
questions as to why the phenotype, the observable characteristics ma
differ even if the DNA remains stable.
Behavioural Variant - version of the risk factor model that
emphasizes behaviour and lifestyle factors as key determinants
of health
o Shortcomings;
Gender: A range of physical and behavioural characteristics associated
with social roles that signify “masculine” and “feminine” (i.e. that
distinguish socially b/w men and women).
Why does Davidson argue that behaviour is not a simple function of
individual choice? (p. 22-23)
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