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Health Studies
HLTH 101
Elaine Power

http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1016&context=iipj Colonialism as a Broader Social Determinant of HealthArticle 31/10/13 • SDH are environmental causes of ill health that affect populations • SDh is linked to illness and diseas as a part of a product of soci economic and physical environments • Ill health can stem from socials trictures and process that operate at national and global level • Commission on the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) most recent report (2008). "The inequity [in daily living conditions] is systematic, produced by social norms, policies and practices that tolerate or actually promote unfair distribution of and access to power, wealth and other necessary social resources" (Ibid). This statement acknowledges that there are larger causes of causes, or distal determinants, of unhealthy life conditions. o Good: how groups are more likely to suffer from poor health o Bad: its limit in failing to accuralty define the structures that produce vulnerabilities o Unfair distribution of power, wealth and resouces • Indig heath differes from mainstream Colonialism: a finished project? • Colonialism: the control of governing influcne of a nation over a dependent country, territory or people OR the system or polcy by which a nation maintains or adovates such control or influence • Colonialism is interconnected with continuting colonial polcies and historical events • Refusal toward aboriginal titles and respect for indigenous rights • Canada nasnt signed the UN declaration of rights of indig people • National aboriginial health org has a link between racism and colonialism: "Racism is one of the characteristics of colonization and as such it has a negative influence on how Indigenous peoples are positioned in Canadian society. Because they have endured rather invisible and long-term oppression and discrimination, they have fared worse in economic, political, cultural and social terms," (p. 13) o Racism is fulled by genocide and amnesia fo detail history and how its produced intergenertial impacts • Post colonial encourages a settler descirtopn of time and interpreatation of history • Conomial and post colonial are in danger of neurtralizing historical inequities and emphasizes inapporopriate vocalization of relations that don’t reflect the live realities of indig people From historical inequities to observable disparities • A Statistical Profile on the Health of First Nations in Canada: Determinants of Health, 1999 to 2003 (HC, 2010), one observes that 48.6% of those aged 25-64 years have less than a high school graduation certificate, compared to 22.5% of non-Indigenous; 27.7% of on-reserve households have at least one standard below core housing standards, compared to 13.5% of the general population; and 27.7% of the on-reserve population is unemployed, compared to 7.3% of the general population. • Numerous communities have inadequate infrastuce for proper sanitiation and potable water • They reflect level of consent from canaidna government that contribute to health disparities that exist • Suicide is 3x greater among first nations on reserve Colonial as a broader social determinant • There's direct impacts of colonial and conoolian polciies on ingid health – smallpox on beothuk • WTO says SDH is sensitive of health to the social environment like health behave, physical and social env, what diminishes capactivty • National collaborating centre or abs health says distal determinants of health are “the political, economic and social contrsts within whch all other determinants [- proximal and intermediate-] are constructed” (2009, p. 20) • Conomialism huides forces that manipite the historic, political, social and eco conttexts that shape indig, state and non indig relations in today o This occurs with health care, education and labor sysitems • Promxial determinats are conila relations, relations that have bene profuced and reprocued in unfavourable environments o Income, education, food security, emplyment • Structural and systematic context make colonism distal • Distal determinants go beyond indviual and community control and are the causes of causes for unjuct life situations Focus on mental health • Sucided is 6x greater among first nations on resve youth that candian population • First nations and inuit regional health found rates of depression 18% and problems with alcohol 27% • Medicine wheel reflects good health
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