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Health Studies
HLTH 323
Stevenson Fergus

Aiming to Change the Individual, or Change Society?  Should you change the individual and their behaviour and lifestyles or should you change the socioeconomic and physical environment? o Traditional health education aimed at changing the behaviour of individuals o Changing people to fit their environment  Done nothing to make the environment a healthier place to live in  Results in blaming the victim  Some people are in a position where they cannot take responsibility for themselves  Children, disabled Concerns with Lifestyle Change Approach  Some experts are wrong  Should not impose values on a client  Making someone change their lifestyle can be seen as a moral judgment o Looking down on someone o Clients fault that they have not changed  Pushing a lifestyle change can produce negative feelings o Guilt, rebelliousness, anger  We cannot assume individual behaviour is the primary cause of poor health o Distracts attention away from social and economic factors o Racism, poor housing, unemployment  We cannot assume individuals have freedom to choose healthy lifestyles o Eg having enough money to buy healthy food  People are victims of their circumstances Compliance vs. informed Choice  Do you want client to comply with the program o Education and persuasion  Do you want your client to make
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