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Health Studies
HLTH 323
Stevenson Fergus

A New Appraisal of the Concept of Health – Raeburn and Rootman  Concepts of Health o Health sector favoured the disease oriented and biomedical concept of health  Need to focus on the positive and social concept of health o Health promotion is “positive” nature  Building of healthiness  Instead of prevention or treatment of illness  Avoiding negative conditions  Health o 2 Areas  A sector of societal activity  Eg Health Canada  Human condition  Status of the body, mind o Health promotion focuses more on the human condition  Body and mind dimensions o Health promotion perspectives  World Health Organization defines health as  “state of complete physical, mental, social well being”  “not just the absence of disease or illness” o Lalonde Report  4 Contributing factors that make up the health field  Human Biology  Environment  Lifestyle  Health care organization o 1980’s  Shift from individualistic behavioural view of health to more social and policy views o Ottawa charter  Health as a resource of living  Social determinant view of health o Canadian Health Promotion view Health as  Bodily, mental, and social quality of life of people  Determined by psychological, societal, cultural, and policy dimensions o Health is seen as  Enhanced by sensible lifestyle with use of private and public resources  Promotes individuals to individually and collectively maintain and improve their own well being o Core values  Empowerment  Mutual aid  Participation  Enabling  Medical perspective lacked community perspective Mental Health Promotion  Mental Health o The capacity of each and all of us to feel, think and act in ways that enhance our ability to enjoy life and deal with the challenges we face o A positive sense of emotional and spiritual well being with respect to social justice, interconnections and personal dignity  Different from disease oriented concepts from the medical approach o Mental well being goes beyond mental illness  Resilience o Refers to peoples capacity to draw their own resourcefulness to deal w
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