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Health Studies
HLTH 350
Spencer Moore

INTRODUCTIONPg 2 top second para I planned to conduct an anthropological study of how villagers understand health and illness how they make decisions abut treatment with fam and what homebased knowledge and practices are widespread for common illnessesndPg 3 top 2 paraWorld Bank report assessing the cost of pollution in China identified cancer as the leading cause of mortality in rural china showing also that mortality rates for cancers assoc with water pollution such as liver and stomach cancer are well above the world average esophagus and stomach are the most common cancersPg 3strong connection between economic growth pollution and cancerPg 3Villagers attempts at addressing the issue fail because no sufficient evidence and corruption from the topHow do people experience and understand cancer in areas where there is no agreement on its cause Who or what do they blamehow do they cope with its onsetPg 4 issue with hospital records because most cancer sufferers dont opt for hospitalization and avoid surgery Available records would be classified not be comprehensive Pg 4 bottomAuthor offers an account of how the different etiologies the study of causation employed locally clash and what implications they have for inaction villagers are shown not as backward and ignorant of sanitation and nutritional principles but as engaging with new circumstances of market expansion in complex waysFighting for BreathPg 4 bottomHow villagers in Langhong understand the development of cancer how they cope with it and how it affects and is affected by family relations how they come to understand why himher and how to assemble coping strategies to deal with itocauses of cancerfarm chemicals smoking drinking preserved vegetables repressed anger or enduring hardshipstrenuous physical work food shortage and humiliation during the cultural revolutionPg 5 end of top parasome think its caused by the sufferer or some think its beyond the suffers control oadherence to one or another of these etiologies embodies a particular engagement with the sociopolitical past and presentprovides diverse answers to the question of who is accountable for illness and who is responsible for healingndpg 5 2 para middlethis volume focuses on two case studies of the moral economy of cancer Also became involved in their caring practices Their quests for healing includetrips to the city hospital chinese herbs and biomedical pills spirit mediums oOften requires selling all livestock asking students to abandon school look at schooleducation stats from previous lecturesreadings mobilizing connections and neighborly advice to identify reliable treatmentPg 6 villagers attitudes and strategies for care offer a prism for understanding the wider dimensions of social and cultural life in contemporary rural chinaphysical and social struggle to maintain integrity and ensure family and neighbourly supportnot only a fight for surviving but a fight for moral existenceI feel like our society is about FIGHTING and SURVIVINGCONQUERINGheroic approach is glamourized by our societythats why the biomedical approach is so prevalent in the west whereas in china thats not what matters to them cancer whereas they are more about acceptance and ensuring moral integrityPg 6 bottomexamines how contending forms of morality are constantly produced through negotiations about cancer etiology cancer treatment and mourning practices The fight against cancer then is deeply bound to efforts not only to maintain health but also to debate ones position within the family and the local community and to make claims to entitlement to care and to a cleaner environmentStructure of the VolumePg 6 bottom Part 1situates the study in relation to relevant areas in the anthropology of suffering and the anthro of rural chinaparticularly focusing on social suffering
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