Tyco Brahe

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Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy
ASTR 101

Tyco Brahe • Suffered a tragic death where his bladder exploded due to infection after not being able to go to the bathroom in the presence of a nobleman  Lost part of his nose in a duel • Known for his precision and abundance of routine astronomical observations  Discovered a nova, known today as supernovas, which are very bright stars appearing where no star had been seen before  Appeared for almost a year before disappearing, which had philosophical importance as he proved the heavens were not immutable or unchanging, which was the belief at the time  Observed a comet and deduced it was six times as far away as the moon by combining data with scientists hundreds of kilometers away and using parallax  Showed that the heavens were not unchanging and that things can move freely without being a fixed distance from some rotating sphere • Brahe had access to the finest equipment of this time but
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