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POLS 250
Colin Farrelly

Pols 250 Fall term readings part 2 (the Apology and the crito by Plato) The apology  Trial of Socrates: claimed that he was guilty of corrupting the youth and inventing new gods. o Socrates responded by saying that it is the result of the Oracle of Delphi which told him that he is the wisest of all men. o Scrates said that he is wiser simply because he is aware that he knows nothing. To spread wisdom he says that he must question the wise men and expose false wisdom and ignorance.  Socrates doesn’t fear death o One can only fear what they know o Since he doesn’t know death he can’t fear it.  Meletos: The good influence the laws o People and horses- All people have an influence on the youth o Socrates  Not just anyone can improve a person. Just like only a horse trainer can condition a horse. o Meletos: Wicked people intentionally cause harm which causes detriment to other people. o Sorates: if one does harm to society, you harm yourself as well  Those who cause harm unintentionally should be rehabilitated not put on trial  Meletos and Socrates on the supernatural o Meletos: There are o gods o Socrates: In order to believe in supernatural matters, you have to believe in supernatural bei
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