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PSYC 100 Chapter Notes -Entorhinal Cortex, Peripheral Nervous System, Autonomic Nervous System

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PSYC 100
Ingrid Johnsrude

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4 Lobes of the Brain
Frontal Lobe
o front portion of cerebral cortex
o includes Broca’s speech area and motor cortex
movement, planning, flexibility
Parietal lobe
o behind the frontal lobe
o contains somatosensory cortex
spatial perception and memory
Temporal Lobe
o Below frontal lobe
o Contains auditory cortex
Occipital Lobe
o Back of the brain
o Contains primary visual cortex
Primary visual cortex
o Receives visual information
o Occipital lobe
Primary auditory cortex
o Receives auditory information
o Temporal lobe
Primary somatosensory cortex
o Vertical strip in the middle of the cerebral hemisphere
o Parietal lobe
o Receives information from the body senses
o Left side of the hemisphere controls right hand, right primary
cortex controls left hand
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Primary motor cortex
o Directly controls the movements of the body, posterior
Sensory association cortex
o Receive information from the primary sense areas
Anterior region (front)
o is involved in movement related activities
o planning and executing behaviours
Posterior region (back)
o perceiving and learning
contralateral residing in the side of the body opposite the reference point
prefrontal cortex front portion of the frontal lobe, contains
motor association
motor association cortex regions of the cerebral cortex that control the
motor cortex.
Involved in planning and executing behaviours
Left hemisphere
Participates in
of information
Extraction of elements that make up an experience
Verbal activities (talking, understanding speech, reading, writing)
Right Hemisphere
Putting isolated elements together to perceive things as a whole
E.g. drawing sketches
Corpus callosum
a large band of axons that connects the two cerebral hemispheres
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