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Chapter 1

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PSYC 100
Meredith Chivers

Week 1: Chapter 1 Notes The Science of Psychology pp. 2-27 - psychology is the scienctific study of the causes of behaviour. - psych is rooted in phil, bio, education and medicine - psychologists study a broad variety of phenomena: physiological processes within the nervous system, genetics, environmental events, personality charac, mental abilities, and social interactions - word psychology originates from two greek words: psukhe (breath or soul) and logos (word or reason) - modern meaning of psycho (mind) logy (science); science of the mind - causal event- event that causes another to occur - physiological psych: branch of psych which studies the physiological basis of behaviour - comparative psych: branch that studies the behaviours of a variety of organisms in an attempt to understand the adaptive and functional significance of the behaviours and their relation to evolution - behaviour analysis: branch that studies the effect of the environment on behaviour - behaviour genetics: branch that studies the rold of genetics in behaviour - cognitive psych: branch that studies complex behaviours and mental processes such as perception, attention, learning and memory - cognitive neuroscience: branch that attempts to understand cognitive psychological functions by st
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