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Theory of Mind

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Queen's University
PSYC 100
Ingrid Johnsrude

1.Name one precursor to theory-of-mind development; describe what this behaviour looks like, and how it is related to theory-of-mind understanding . - a precursor to the theory of mind is intersubjectivity which is the ability to share focus of attention between others. For example, laughing at a joke. This contributes to theory of mind because individuals begin to understand the thought and emotions of other people around them and then begin to relate this to themselves. They must first with intersubjectivity and have the ability to relate with others first before you can relate it to their actions 2. Define theory of mind. - theory of mind is having the ability to reason about what other people might know and using that knowledge to relate it to their actions 3.Why would understanding other people’s goals be important for young children to understand? - This is important for children to understand so children can learn to how to react in certain situations. For example, if a bully’s goal was to make another child fe
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