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Theories Of Development

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PSYC 100
Ingrid Johnsrude

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Theories of Development 612012 75700 AM John B Watson Was the founder of the behaviorist movement o Believed that conditioning is the primary mechanism through which children learn about the worldBF SkinnerInterested in what motivates behaviours o People tend towards repeating behaviours that are rewarded reinforcement o Avoiding behaviours with unfavourable outcomes punishmentTwo discoveries from these concepts o Children receiving attention is a powerful motivator o It is more difficult to extinguish behaviour that has already been enforced intermittentlyRewards that are not always enforcedChild has different expectationsEg Giving in to a child when they should be punished insteadPiaget Children engaged in behaviours distinctive to their ge and made the same mistakes in problem solving Humans develop through 4 stages o Sensorimotor stageBirth2 yearsInfant builds an understanding of their environment with the use of sensory and motor abilities Integrate their early reflexes into more complex behavioursExperiment with objectsDevelop fragile mental representationsObject permanenceObjects continue to exist even though they are not visibleA not B error
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