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Emotion 6/5/2012 7:03:00 AM Emotions  Defined as a relatively brief display of a feeling made in response to environmental events having motivation significance or in response to memories of such events o Changed in emotional states are associated with motivated behaviours  Reward system, is associated with limbic pathway  Activated by reaching goals  Emotional expressions may modulate motivated behaviour  Antonio Damasi o Separates feelings from emotions.  He argues that emotions are internal reactions that occur automatically and unconsciously in response to certain stimuli  There is no single brain system dedicated to emotions  Automatic Nervous System is activated when in an emotional situation o Increased heart rate, blood pressure James Lange Theory of Emotion  Emotional response occurs after automatic nervous system response o Brain reads patterns in automatic nervous system to interpret current emotional state o Peripheral Nervous System determines emotional state of an individual  Problems? o Increasing automatic nervous system activity by drugs not does always increase emotional change o Some emotional reactions occur before the automatic nervous system, Sadness o If the nerves to the brain are cut, one can still experience emotions despite spinal cord damage Cannon Bard Theory of Emot
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