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The Ear and its Functions

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PSYC 100
Ingrid Johnsrude

The Ear and It’s Functions 6/8/2012 6:47:00 AM The Ear and its Functions Pinna  flesh covered cartilage attached to the side of the head  helps funnel sound through the ear canal toward the middle and inner ear Eardrum  Tympanic membrane  Flexible membrane that vibrates back and forth in response to sound waves and passes these vibrations on the receptor cells in the inner ear Ossicle – one of the 3 bones in the inner ear  Hammer  Anvil  Stirrup o presses against a membrane behind an opening in the bone surrounding the cochlea : oval window (bone surrounding the cochlea) o transmitting sound waves into the liquid inside the cochlea where it can reach the receptive organ for hearing Cochlea – a snail shaped chamber set in bone in the inner ear where auditory transduction takes place Basilar membrane – a sheet of tissue that contains the auditory receptor cells Auditory hair cells – transduce mechanical energy caused by the flexing of the basilar membrane into neural activity Round window  an opening in the bone surround the cochlea  movements of the membrane behind this opening permit vibrations to be transmitted through the oval window into the cochlea Cilium  a hair like appendage of cell  involved in the movement of sensory information  found in the receptors in the auditory and vestibular systems Vestibular apparatus – the receptive organs of the inner ear that contribute to balance and perception of head movement Vestibular sac – one of a set of 2 receptor organs in each inner ear that detect changes in the tilt of the head Semicircular canal- one of a set of 3 organs in the inner ear that respond to rotational movements of the head
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