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Queen's University
PSYC 202
Ronald R Holden

Central TendencyCentral tendency a statistical measure to determine a single score that defines the center of a distribution The goal of central tendency is to find the single score that is most typical or most representative of the entire group the average o number crunchingtaking a distribution consisting of many scores and crunching them down to a single value that describes them allThe MeanArithmetic averageMean the sum of the scores divided by the number of scoresmean for a populationMmean for a sampleIn general Greek letters are used to identify characteristics of a population and letters of our own alphabet are used to identify characteristics of a sample Formula for the population mean Formula for the sample meanThe mean can also be defined as the amount that each individual gets when the total is distributed equallyThe mean can also be described as a balance point for a distributionif a distribution is shown as a seesaw the seesaw is balanced at the mean when it pivots at a point equal to the mean it will be balanced and rest levelDefines the middle of the distribution in terms of distance distances above the mean must have the same total as the distances below the meanThe Weighted MeanSometimes we have to combine two sets of scores and then find the overall mean for the combined groupBecause the samples are usually not the same size one makes a larger contribution to the total group and carries more weight in determining the overall meanthis is why it is called the weighted mean Formula for the weighted mean 1
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