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Probability and Samples - The Distribution of Sample Means.docx

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PSYC 202
Ronald R Holden

Probability and Samples The Distribution of Sample Means Sampling error the natural discrepancy or amount of error between a sample statistic and its corresponding population parameterThe Distribution of Sample MeansDistribution of sample means the collection of sample means for all of the possible random samples of a particular size that can be obtained from a population o Often called the sampling distribution of MA distribution of sample means is an example of a sampling distributionSampling distribution a distribution of statistics obtained by selecting all of the possible samples of a specific size from a populationTo construct the distribution of sample means o Select a random sample of a specific size n from a population o Calculate the sample mean o Place the sample mean in a frequency distribution o Repeat until you have the complete set of all the possible random samplesCharacteristics of the distribution of sample means o The sample means should pile up around the population mean o The pile of sample means should tend to form a normalshaped dis
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