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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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PSYC 241
Roderick C L Lindsay

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Chapter 2- Doing Social Psychology Research - Hypothesis- a testable prediction about the conditions under which an event will occur - Theory- an organized set of principles used to explain observed phenomena - Basic research- research whose goal is to increase the understanding of human behaviour, often by testing hypothesis based of a theory - Applied research- research whose goals are to enlarge the understanding of naturally occurring events and to find solutions to practical problems - Operational definition- the specific procedures for manipulating or measuring a conceptual variable - Construct validity- the extent to which the measures used in a study measure the variables they were designed to measure and the manipulations in an experiment manipulate the variables they were designed to manipulate - Social psychologists use self-reports and observations to measure variables - Bogus pipeline technique- a procedure is which research participants are (falsely) led to believe that their responses will be verified by an infallible lie-detector o Participants therefore report facts about themselves more accurately - Interval-contingent self reports- respondents report their experience at regular intervals - Signal-contingent self reports- report experiences as soon as possible - Event-contingent self reports- respond on a designated set of events as soon as possible - Narrative studies collect lengthy responses on a general topic - Interrater reliability- the degree to which different observers agree on their observations - Descriptive research can be done through: observational studies, archival studies, and surveys
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