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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Notes - Parts of Brain.docx

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PSYC 271
Richard Beninger

MIEeneenceaplonlon MYELencephalon (MEDULLA) METencephalon RETICULAR FORMATION: vegetative Cerebellum functions • Sleep • Arousal MYELencephalo • Attention METencep• Movement n RETICULAR FORMATION, PONS • Muscle Tone • As• Reflexes: cardiac, circulatory,reticular formation CEREBELLUM • Movement and balance • Decision-making • Language MESencephalon TECTUM (“roof”); on dorsal surface • Superior colliculi (“hillsCorporasual • Inferior colliculi – auditquadrigemina TEGMENTUM(“covering”); on ventral surface • Reticular formation • Cerebral aqueduct – connects 3 and 4 ventricles • Periaqueductal gray – grey matter around cerebral aqueduct; mediates analgesic effects of opiates • Substantia nigra – produces dopamine, gives rise to nigrostriatal dopaminergic pathway and is involved in Parkinson’s pathology (sensorimotor) • Red nucleus – sensorimotor DIencephalon Massa intermedia Lateral geniculate nuclei - visual Medial geniculate nuclei - auditory THALAMUS Ventral posterior nuclei – somatos. • Sensory relay nuclei, receiving signals from sensory receptors, processing and transmitting to sensory cortex: mapping, corresponding space allocation • Masa intermedia joins the two lobes, runs through 3 ventricle; is covered by white lamina of myelinated axons HYPOTHALAMUS • Regulating motivated behaviours (eating, sleeping, sex), by exerting control over pituitary gland. DIencephalo • MamDIencephalon continuedair of spherical nuclei behinPITUITARY GLAND. • Controlled by hypothalamus, secretes hormones OPTIC CHIASM Hypothalamus & • Point where optic nerves from each eye surroundings come together as the axons decussate (cross-over to other side of the brain) via TELencephalon
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