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Cognitive science of religion

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Religious Studies
RELS 161
Jason Kelly

Cognitive science of religionhybrid discipline focuses on belief including ritual concludes that theological beliefs only partially inform peoples actual behaviour and thoughtsbeing religious part timeuses sources such as Daniel Dennett lakoff and Johnson steven pinker pascal boyer dan sperber religion is performativeaction oriented and thus produces an effect or transformation on the practitionerthe epidemiology of belief ideas are contagious spread like a virusreligion based on cognitive science is the belief in supernatural or superhman agencyalso linked to other societal forces as well as politics economics land disputes access to resources power etcalan wallance Buddhists argue that the world as we see it is not the way it realy is but rather the way it appears to us and our senseshuman sense perceptions are limited and prone to false beliefsreligion is the product of mind braincognitive theorists of religion claim that religion is constrained by the physical architecture of the human brain ma
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