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The ‘Web’ of Social Relations

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Queen's University
SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

The ‘Web’ of Social Relations- all related to each other in some way Mill’s Five Main Objectives -which all relates to enable people to understand and change the social world 1. To empower people and give them the tools to change the world 2. Establishing the classical tradition as the dominant orientation to sociology in North America • believed that sociology’s classical tradition critically addresses fundamental social issues, and changes society 3. Demonstrate the weakness of the ‘structural-functional perspective’ 4. Critiques the over-reliance on quantitative, survey-based research in sociology and the accompanying piecemeal approach to social change • classified them negatively as ‘abstracted empiricism’ and ‘the liberal practicality’ 5. Installing the sociological imagination in people’s mind Sociological Imagination - intersection of macro/social perspective and micro/individual perspective Personal Troubles of Milieu-character of individual and immediate relations -solution lies within individual, immediate milieu and wilful activity -trouble is a private matter Public Issues of Social Structure-transcend local environment -entails organization of many milieu extending into institutions and structures of a historical society -issue is a public matter Self-Consciousness- link between the personal troubles of milieu and the public issues of social structure Private Trap- you can’t escape your trap unless you recognize it as a small speed bump, then you can escape Imagination- refers to the creative mental processes and the active role of the mind -White-collared people has shaped the American experience Four dominate and interrelated macro themes: -respectability and desire -sexual repres
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