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Modernity and Post Modernism

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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

Modernity and the Post modern world Webers fear of the growing domination of goal rational action may leave humanity trapped in an iron cage of reasonWeber rejected one sided single factor explanations of social lifeWebers work maintained a delicate balance among features and forces which shape social meaning social action and larger social formationsThe Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism Weber argues that the type of economic rationalism that had begun to dominate western Europe and north America depended on more than advanced development of technologyThe economic rationalism of modern capitalism rested on peoples willingness to organize their lives in a particular rational matterTheir willingness to engage in goal rational action to determine the most efficient meant to a particular end represents the spirit of capitalism Calvinism No matter what one does only a tiny minority is predestined to everlasting lifeAccepts the world of the impoverished and urges believers to lead a life committed to survival in the hopes that they are among the electA link between Protestantism and economic life is the notion of a callingWeber finds an association between Protestantism the calling and modern capitalismThe protestant world had the psychological effect of freeing the attainment of goods freeing the irrational use of wealthFruit of labour was Gods blessingWith the limitation of consumption the result is accumulation of capitalism through savingFavoured the development of rational bourgeois economic life Webers belief that the ideas and values from the past are reflected into the present and extent into the futureBerufa position in which one is called as a vocation for the non material rewards it offers through personal fulfillment
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