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Weber and Understanding Social Action

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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

Weber and Understanding Social Action Weber was extremely disciplined principled politically engaged with a highly developed work ethic and deep commitment to scholarship of high standardFor Weber sociology involves the development of a comprehensive understanding of social actionSocial lifeis the product of meaningful social action and sociologists must strive to develop an interpretive understanding of the social world from the perspective of the human agents involved in itLocate that meaningful action within the broader social framework within which it developedThe suggestion that one might try to develop generalizations from the unique events of everyday life was completely inappropriate for any undertaking within humanities and social sciences from a historical school perspectiveWeber argues that consciousnessand the formation of human understanding in the social world cannot be reduced to solely the economic base contrary to MarxWeber focuses on how one must clearly establish the fundamental premise and demonstrate how the arguments that follow build from those premisesAlso focuses on how complex questions of method are and on the need to explore them with great care and precision one must clearly establish ones fundamental premises and demonstrate how the arguments that follow build from those premisesMain problem of methodologyo Can only be resolved on the basis of the actual analysis of the empirical social world o Genuine lived experience
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