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SOCY 122 Chapter Notes -System On A Chip, Consumerism, Sexual Repression

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Social Sci, Edu and Soc Work - Sociology
Course Code
SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

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(soc) 3 questions for sociology
Mills presented 3 questions to help think in sociological terms
- what is termed as the structure of society
- what is the structure of this society as a whole?
- how is it woven together?
- what are it's components and how are they related?
- Second set moves sociological analysis away from a solid, fixed
permanent social structure, instead move toward awareness of the
historical and changing social relations and relationships
- where does this society stand in human history?
- How is it changing?
- how does this period differ from other periods?
- how are we affected by historical periods?
Lastly, sociologists must integrate human agency into their analysis.
- what kind of human nature is revealed in this period?
- what is the meaning of human nature?
These 3 sets of questions bring together social structure, history, and
human agents (personal biography)
- sociologists must consider all 3 and how they interact with each other
- also consider issues of social change, power, stability
- people have a place in the hierarchy but they can be replaced
- parallel their economic and social worlds to teach them acceptance, feel
helpless and frustrated by impersonal forces acting upon them
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