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Gender and Work

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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

Gender and Work in Canada 552012 123100 PM 4 important changes in work patterns of the labour force in Canadaled to other changes o How men and women are perceived o Elimination of discrimination o Changes in family and relations of domestic labour o Development of ways in which children can be supported when parents workThese would have to change for men and women to assume equal share of domestic labour2 waves of feminist activism First WaveWanted women to take part in the paid workforceImproving conditions of their work Middle class women viewed the situation from other women from their privileged standpointUnderstood womens goals desires and dreamsPrimary goal was to open access to the professions o Medicine teaching and church Middle class women were less supportive of working class womenWanted to maintain domestic workersThey also lacked resources to act on their own behalf One of the greatest barriers to gender inequalities was the image of women and how it differed from menWomen were seen as weak vulnerableEasily exploitedSecond WaveArgued that womens physical abilities were equal to that of men o Challenges to the image of women and physical capabilities came from 2 frontsThe workplaceSexuality
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