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Sociology of Work.

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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

Work is inescapable part of everyday life3 questions that concerned sociologists about workWhat is the structure of society as a wholeWhere does society stand in human historyWhat types of men and women prevail in society in this periodTechnologyNot complex or sophisticated o Simple and basicSlaves were living toolsGoal was to keep the majority content and entertainedClassic Greece and Rome viewed work as inevitable o Hardships for humans for their original sinSalvation Enlightenment periodRise of scienceExpansion of marketsDevelopment of technologyNotion of progressSmithInvisible hand o Each individual pursuing their own particular interestContributes to overall wealth of the nation o Vary rational allocation of resources that benefits society as a whole o Free movement of investment o Productive labour to areas of high demandRegulation of production o Wealth of a nation relies on division of labourTakes longer to create an entire product from beginning to endFaster with assembly line productionWorkers concerned with only one specific aspect o Economic surplus was based on division of labourAllowing unregulated economy to determine where people would investWhat jobs would be created and what jobs would be eliminatedGenerate material progress
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