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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Doing Social Research

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SOCY 210
Fiona Kay

Social Research a process in which researcher combines a set of principles outlooks andideas with a collection of specific practices techniques and strategies to produceknowledgeAlternatives to Social Research 1 Authoritypeople who have gained a lot of knowledge Needto be worried that they arent all accurate and that they dont misuse their authority 2Traditionaccepting things being true because its the way its been tradition becomesdistorted 3 Common Senseallows logical fallacies to become accepted containscontradictory ideas 4 Media Myths 5 PersonalExperience if something happens to you youaccept it as being true There are four errors of personal experience 1 Overgeneralizationan error that people make when using personal experience as an alternative to science whengathering knowledge 2 Selective Observation The tendency to take notice of certain peopleor events based on past experience or attitudes 3 Premature closure using personalexperience as an alternative to science for acquiring knowledge Occurs when a person feelshe or she has the answers and does not need to listen to others 4 Halo Effect an error often madewhen people use personal experience as an alternative to science for acquiring knowledgeUsing something with prestige to rub off onto other thingsHow Science Works Science Science is a social institution and a means of producing knowledge Data empirical evidence or information that a person gathers carefully according toestablished rules or proceduresScientific Community A collection of people who share a system of rules and attitudes that sustain the processof producing scientific knowledgeSteps in the Research Process Select TopicFocus QuestionDesign StudyCollect DataAnalyze DataInterpretDataInform Others
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