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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Designing a Study

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SOCY 210
Fiona Kay

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Linear and Nonlinear PathsLinear Research Path research that proceeds in a clear logical step by step straight lineIt is more characteristic of a quantitive to social researchNonlinear Research Path Research that proceeds in a circular back and forth mannerCharacteristic of qualitative social researchQuantitative Research Tests hypothesis the researcher poses Concepts are in the form of distinct variables Measures are systematically created before data collection and are standardized Data are in the form of numbers from precise measurement Theory is largely causal and is deductive Procedures are standard and replication is assumedQualitative Research Captures and discovers meaning once the researcher becomes immersed in the data Concepts are in the form of themes motifs generalizations and taxonomies Measures are created in ad hoc manner and are specific to the individual setting orresearcher Data are in the form of word images documents observations
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