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SOCY 227 TUTORIAL – March 18th.docx

Social Sci, Edu and Soc Work - Sociology
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SOCY 227
Wendy Pearson

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SOCY 227 TUTORIAL – March 18th
- The interaction between humans and these non–human
objects create this ‘socialness’ because social relations are formed
because of the socialness and the relationships and interactions that
take place because of these artifacts and non human objects in our
daily lives.
-ex; cellphones and other technology forms ‘socialness’ within
society because it allows for interactions to take place.
-Soccer balls form socialness because they produce
relationships between the humans participating and
interacting with them.
-Latour thinks ‘objectivity’ means that nature and science are
more easily experimented on because they are not
influenced by interactions within their peer environment.
Whereas humans are so difficult to get accurate results from
because there are many confounds that could determine and
redirect results.
-Sociologists should perform less ethical experiments (ie; not
fully disclose information/ask permission) because then
participants would not know that they are involved in an
experiment and would act normally instead of being
influenced with manipulated answers.
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