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Value Judgments and Criminalization.docx

Social Sci, Edu and Soc Work - Sociology
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SOCY 276
Stacey Alarie

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Value Judgments and Criminalization
Andrew Millie
Different behaviours are celebrated and tolerated depending on different contexts and power
Values of the majority
What are the value judgments behind labeling
Who has the power to label something as unacceptable
Assessments of offensiveness are subjective
Different between person place and time
Different behavioural expectations for different places and times
Everyone has a different judgment and what is wrong
Who decides?
Certain peoples assessments are given more value than others
Political capital
All decisions are based on judgment and values
Economic, aesthetics, moral, prudential
Judgments of value are reliant on perception as much as on objective knowledge
Value can be based on object of interest
Overcriminalization of certain behaviours
Moral Judgment
What is moral is different across culture, history, and situations
What is constructed to be of value varies on those with power and context
Prudential Judgment
Personal quality of life
Disapproval of certain behaviours is due to their assumed detrimental impact on such quality-of-life
Crimes that contribute to a sense of disorder
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