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Value judgment article.docx

Social Sci, Edu and Soc Work - Sociology
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SOCY 276
Stacey Alarie

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Value judgment article
Value judgments that inform process of criminalization
We are quick to judge and to label, over criminalization, over sensitive to issues
Social Constructionist Approach
Context and power
Different people in the same context, different opinions
Relative deviance
Deviance is relative to different people
Who's interpretation do we listen to?
Power. Political capital.
Who has the property.
The economic means, more connections to others, their voices get heard.
They create behavioral expectations
4 Types of Judgment
How should we behave and how we react to behaviour.
Those values from those with political power do not include the values from other groups.,
Quality of life issues

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Something is deviant if it impacts ability to live life.
Quality of life crimes
Constant noise, loitering,
Quality of life of others is impacted by what you feel is wrong.
Is society prospering or suffering due to the act.
Negative judgments towards others, they take away from society.
We overlook corporate crime
What we are people contributing to the appearance of society.
Loitering around mall, graffiti.
4 values all determine our expectations for society
Those with political capital have their values heard
Who the Deviants Actually Are
Ascribed Deviants
The rule breaker is defined or labeled by others.
They may not want to be labeled, but they are different regardless by choice or not
Has some impairment or condition.
Eg. Those who are rejected who have a physical disability. They are different.
The blue family
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