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Queen's University
SOCY 306
Ryan Martin

306domestic spacesThe home and the household as a cite of consumption Sight where identity gets forms Decorating homes symbolize their identityDisplays in certain ways Habits and routines get developed in the home and tie you in as consumersFocus should be on things that taken for granted what we unthinkly do such as rituals and practise in the home Routinization of consumptionConsuming technology in the home homes are now made of technology Comfort cleanliness and convince are dominant Values that script home life Why focus on ordinary technologiesif you only focus on the visible and fashionable then you miss out on everyday life Not everyone thinks about fashion and distinction everyday We are more likely to reproduce habits and routines that we are accustomed to How do these things become normal Radical changes Our expectation of indoor environment should be like have changed Eg air conditioning and heating as the normal standard of living A set of changes and expectations that become taken for granted as normalBathing and showering habits have changed Becomes a new sta
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