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SOCY 306
Ryan Martin

thUSA Late 19 CenturyadvertisingIssue of how to move increasing quantity of goods o Needed to produce new consumer consciousness by transforming imagination o Creating desire in the entire popualationLead to development of new advertising and marketingDisplays consumer creditAll persuaded people to buy things that they may not have set out to buyAbolition in 1853 of advertisement tax o Contributed to more circulation of advertisementsDevelopment of capitalism really influenced advertising o Promoting more and a different range of productsMass distribution of consumer commodities o People needed to be persuaded to buy in order for stock not to be left in warehousesConsumer desire could be created and cultivated through advertising o Does not imply that consumers are clueless o Consumers are seen as active but not autonomousPeople make the choices but are conditioned by groups and experiencesSocial and psychological influences shape and stimulate consumersMarketing strategy is to idenfiy these factors and motivate peopleManufacturers make consumers disarisfied with what they have so that they can desire a new productConsumerist vision o Portrays consumers as having power and influence over economic life o Depicts consumer culture as representing their demands o What soverign consumers want and have elected to chooseConsumer markets are actually not freeOther factors contribute to the consumer way of life and to the formation of consumer identities o Consumers make choices based on influences and not under their own conditions that they made
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