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SOCY 306
Ryan Martin

306 food diet and the body Practices of food consumption in everyday life Changes in foodd production - rise in factory production. Food science and food production. Gmo. Genetic revolution in farming and food production New food movements Food consumption A separation in modern capitalism in production and consumption. Knowledge of these relationships has changed. Production of food and toys, nobody knows how anything is made. All we do is consume them. Where does our food come from, what is it made from, what does it do to us. Food is cultural. Eg dieting. New relationships with food and ideals of beauty Disciplining the body. Idea of modernity. Shifting ideals of bueaty standards, new disciplining for the male gaze. Problemitizaton of food. Increase ideas in nourishment and ingredients. Relationship with food to the body and mind. brain food.. Tolerances. Obsession with components with food. Moral issue, what you are feeding your kids. Expertise with food- food lifestyle professional food cookers. Chefs. Fetish for equipment. A type of skill involved with food. Culinary skills and knowledge about food. Information- increase in ingrediant information. More information about what food is needed, eg food guide. need information about our food. Making informed choices, idea of modern day. Safety- food now seen as a poison, contaminating the body. Looking after food, putting it in thfridge. Food poisoning.
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