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SOCY 306
Ryan Martin

306 - manipulation signs and simulation Explain consumption patterns. Why do pele consume things the way they do? Because of manipulation How do products get their meanings? Manipulation Consumer culture is a culture of mass description. Strategies of manipulation to sell products and shape the mind of the consumer. People define themselves on the basis of commodities Adorno- turning people into consumers. Wanting things, want conformity. People see through things and still buy them. Te power of advertising. Manipulation does not imply lack of knowledge. Consumers do actually want what they are getting. Simulated difference between items even though they are all the same. A total system Manipulating the consumer - first world war propaganda. Persuading people to act irrationally Using psycholoanalysis to understand what consumers want.predicting people's behaviours Playing off people's emotions. Eg making women feel free by encouraging smoking. Making things symbolic, attributing meaning to the product that play off people's values eg. Demonstrating status with new clothes. Linking products to unconscious desire Cultivate desire for things that aren't basic needs Commodity aesthetics Advertising puts meaning into objects. Objects themselves have no meaning. Urbanization and migration leaves behind social solidarity and tradition. They have to be recultivated, and this is done by commodities. People are recognized in social groups based on types of product and types of lifestyles associated with the products. Commodities are a blank slate, can change meanings of product. Aesthetics is more important than functionality, a part of style How do products get their meanings Commo
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