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Queen's University
SOCY 306
Ryan Martin

306 taste style and distinction Consumer choice and agency last week. Constrained choice. People do not choose their position. Eg Marx quote The role of things in social reproduction. Material support for interactions How do consumers make commodities significant? Bourdieu cultural consumption is shaped by class and material conditions. Habitus- class shapes preferences and tastes, not individual or unique. Taste- social groups struggle to define what is good and bad taste. Not being to demonstrate taste can affect life outcomes. Not fitting in. Culture of consumption shapes life. Economic and social capital, how are they related Culturally appropriate brands. Bourdieu and consumption theory Consumption behaviours are expression of class position Classes can be identified by their consumption patterns. Consumer behaviour is explained by the role of display. We read class position based on what people have and what they consume. All consumption activity is distinct to class position. Not always conscious of what they a re consuming. Distinctions- we classify others. Where do people stand in the social hierarchy Ability to display cultural capital can enhance social position. It is a struggle of moving up. People try and change their levels of cultural capital to move up the social scale. Not just emulation. You want to change the conditions. Habitus- entirety of your upbringing. Family background. What you parents do, where you grew up, what kind of house, where you went to school, your mannerisms, the way your portray yourself Habitus generates cultural and social judgements and distinctions. We learn cultural consumption from Habitus. We make judgments and distinctions based on how they consume. Distinction of social position by the way they live and consume. The social conditions in which they are brought up. Wat skills they acquire to act in the world. Lasts throughout life. Habitus is a set of classifying principles. We apply them by distincting tastes. Shaped in childhood by rituals of family. Wich is shaped by class. Schooling participates, eg cultural capital. Teachers appreciate students who have higher tastes for literature. Habitus is taken for granted. We don't recognize it. Schooling teaches how to speak. Preferred vocabulary. How do people speak to others. This shapes individuals Habitus is embodied in the way people look, talk, posture, it all depicts class position. People can't participate in some consumption situations because they do not have the background or skills. Hard to move from Habitus to Habitus. Don't have enough cultural capital to operate. Eg knowing how to a
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