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Textbook Notes for SOCY 387 at Queen's University

QUEEN'SSOCY 387Vincent F SaccoFall

SOCY 387 Chapter Notes -Geographic Profiling, Corporate Crime, Status Quo

OC33305512 Page
16 Oct 2014
Focus on 3 issues: what is criminology, popular misconceptions of criminology: what is criminology, crime in popular culture false knowledge in false r
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QUEEN'SSOCY 387Scott ThompsonWinter

SOCY 387 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Juvenile Delinquency

OC7654772 Page
10 Jan 2016
Socy 387 reading for lecture 2 (thursday january 7th) (cid:2) Neglect of duty, but not strictly defined by law. Juvenile delinquency is a range of thin
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QUEEN'SSOCY 387Vincent F SaccoFall

SOCY 387 Chapter Notes -Participant Observation, Criminology, National Crime Victimization Survey

OC3330559 Page
17 Oct 2014
Criminologists seek to determine the extent to which explanations of criminal events are consistent with the empirical evidence that describes these ev
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