Chapter 1 Study Guide Everything in chapter one summed up in one word document (the only thing it does not include is time).

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Spanish Language and Literature
SPAN 101
Ibis Lam

Nouns that refer to living things Nouns that refer to nonliving thingsMasculine nouns Masculine nouns Feminine nouns El hombrethe man El cuadernothe notebook La cosathe thing El chicothe boy El diariothe diary La escuelathe school El pasajerothe male passenger El diccionariothe dictionary La grabadorathe tape recorder El conductorthe male driver El numerothe number La maletathe suitcase El professorthe male teacher El videothe video La palabrathe word El turistathe male tourist El problemathe problem La leccionthe lesson Feminine nouns El programathe program La conversacionthe conversation La mujerthe woman El autobusthe bus La nacionalidadthe nationality La chicathe girl El paisthe country La comunidadthe community La pasajerathe female passengerLa conductorathe female driver La profesorathe female teacher La turistathe female tourist Chapter One Vocabulary Saludos Presentaciones Substantivos Holahellohi Como se llama ustedWhats your name El autobusbus Buenos diasgood morning formal La capitalcapital city Buenas tardesgood afternoon Como te llamaswhats your name El chicoboy Buenas nochesgood night Me llamomy name is La chicagirl Despedidas Y tuand you formal La computadoracomputer Adiosgoodbye Y ustedand you La comunidadcommunity Nos vemossee you Mucho gustopleased to meet you El conductordriver Hasta luegosee you later El gusto es miothe pleasure is mine La conversacionconversation Hasta la vistasee you later Encantadoapleased to meet you La cosathing Hasta prontosee you soon Igualmentelikewise El cuadernonotebook Hasta mananasee you tomorrow Esteesta esthis is El diaday Saludos agreetings to Le present aI would like to introduceto you El diariodiary Chaubye El nombrename El diccionariodictionary C
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